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Non-Geographic Numbers

Create a big impression

C2-UK will provide your business with a complete range of inbound telephone numbers for marketing purposes. NGNs can give your business an impression of greater scale and national coverage.

Many businesses also require functionality with inbound telephony. We are able to offer you additional tailored solutions, whether it’s straight forward termination, call centre functionality, call recording, call ratios, divert on busy, geographical routing, data capture or call queuing.

Numbers available range from:

0845 / 0844

A single Lo-call 0845 / 0844 number enables new and existing customers to contact you for the cost of a local call on a single, easy to remember number.


With National call 0870 and 0871 numbers customers calling your business from anywhere in the UK pay the entire cost of the basic call at the national rate and your business can receive a revenue share of the call. You can present your business as having national coverage with a memorable number, even if you occupy a single location.


A single Freefone 0800/0808 number enables potential and existing customers to contact you free of charge from anywhere in the UK on a single, easy to remember national number. Your business will be charged for the call.


Premium rate numbers are an easy way of collecting payment for your company, product or service. You decide on the amount to charge callers to your number per minute.

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