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Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Capture all of your low hanging fruit

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is the means of pushing FREE content to phones or Bluetooth devices within a defined geographical location, called a "Zone." 70% of the 900 million phones sold each year are Bluetooth enabled creating a huge market for this form of mobile marketing.

Zones cover a 100 meter radius per device, any phone or Bluetooth device (which is discoverable) entering the Zone will receive a request to download media (pictures, adverts, video, music etc) if the request is declined or ignored the Zone will not re-contact that phone, if the request is accepted the content is downloaded for free.

A log of each transaction is reported from the product in each Zone enabling detailed campaign measurement.

Unlike cellular marketing such as SMS, MMS or WAP, Bluetooth is free to deliver and does not require personal information such as a mobile telephone number for the technology to work.

It is free for handset owners to receive downloads.

It is quicker to download than MMS and other cellular solutions.

It does not require the use of Cell / Mobile networks - thus incurs no transactional costs.

It is standards based and legal (it operates in the unlicensed, 2.4 GHz ISM band).

It is measurable and can show clear Return on Investment (ROI) for Mobile campaigns.

It can be targeted to a specific location, group or event at any time.

It is low cost, requiring only capital outlay from transmitters and software.

It does not capture mobile numbers or access data on handsets thus is secure.

It offers opt-in and opt-out of messages as part of the standard.

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